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WB High-Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator Product Details
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WB High-Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator
The WB (or Water Blaze) series, introduced in 1994, is the first evaporator to use high-efficiency submerged combustion technology. It works by forcing heat through a submerged tube and releasing it directly into the water for 100% heat exchanger efficiency and dramatic operational and energy cost savings. Two models process waste streams at 60 or 120 gallons per hour.

Featuring top-of-the-line immersion tube jet burner components, with a solid-state flame control monitor, the WB models are capable of creating temperatures of up to 2000F, releasing hot flue gases directly into the water.

Other features include:
  • Heat-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel sparger tube with unique air distribution system;
  • RF capacitance liquid level assembly for greater safety and enhanced operation;
  • Nema 4 electrical box with operational controls as well as troubleshooting indicator lights;
  • Auto purge, auto start/stop and auto fill come standard;
  • Soft-start ignition system and fast-closing UL, CSA and FM approved gas valve for smooth operation;
  • Stainless steel steam de-mister box;
  • Many safety features, including a UV scanner which shuts down the unit when a flame does not appear;
  • Foam suppression system and easy-to-access sludge disposal valve.

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