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EC Electrocoagulation System Product Details
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EC Electrocoagulation System
The EC1-300A marks a new milestone in the evolution of industrial wastewater treatment systems by Water Maze.

Utilizing Water Maze’s proprietary EC+Plus™ technology, the EC1-300A is the most compact and portable wash-water treatment system on the market today while offering an amazing versatility in the range of wastewater it can treat.

The EC1-300A is capable of treating wastewater with suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals, all significant challenges for conventional filtration systems. Treated water is of adequate process rate—up to 6 GPM—and of sufficient quality that it can be recycled back to the pressure washer or discharged to sanitary sewer.

In addition to its compact size and sleek appearance, the EC1-300A is self-contained and operation is totally automated using intelligent control circuitry for precise measuring and monitoring, which significantly reduces any maintenance needs.

The EC1-300A can be installed as a stand-alone water treatment system or it can be integrated with the Water Maze WP series portable wash pads to create a totally self-contained wash rack.

The water tank is located inside the cabinet and is made of non-corrosive stainless steel. Furthermore, UV ozone is injected to oxidize bacteria and reduce odor.

The cabinet features a zinc epoxy powder coat finish and has hinged protective doors that shield electrical controls from overspray. The doors can be locked to prevent unauthorized use.

The steel side panels are easily removed for convenient access to the internal components while an optional thermostat-controlled electric heater reduces the risk of components freezing during winter.

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