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Delta Low-Profile Filtration System Product Details
Delta Low-Profile Filtration System Image

Delta Low-Profile Filtration System
Water Maze’s Delta low-profile, wash-water recycling systems are ideal when a wash facility is already equipped with a collection pit or pre-treatment system.

With flow rates of up to 30 GPM, Delta systems are self-contained and, with their low profile, can be conveniently and relatively quickly installed inside a building or next to a wash pad.

Among the Delta features:
  • Ultra-violet ozone generator with special mixing technology to ensure up to 99% contact of bacteria-killing ozone in wash water;
  • Media blend of gravel, sand and anthracite (river bed effect);
  • Up to 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates with a proprietary design for maximum oil and solids separation;
  • Backwashable filter of degassed, virgin activated carbon;
  • Optional ORP/pH system for automatic chemical injection;
  • Up to 500 sq. ft. of cleanable, polyester, filter elements for screening contaminants to 5 - 20 micron in size

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