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CL Oil-Water-Solids Separator and Filtration System Product Details
CL Oil-Water-Solids Separator and Filtration System Image

CL Oil-Water-Solids Separator and Filtration System
No other wash-water treatment system is as versatile and modular as the CL series. The six models can stand alone or be matched with a Filter Pac III module (below) to serve as a solids separator, a treat-and-discharge unit or a recycle system.
  • The CL-30, for instance, can pre-treat wastewater as a solids separator.
  • The CL-600D is designed to treat and discharge wash water to the sanitary sewer
  • The CL-603 models are full recycling systems when matched with the modular Filter Pac III.
  • The CL, CL-600 and CL-603 models also have an optional ORP/pH Controller for monitoring and controlling pH and injecting sanitizers as well as acid/base stabilizers.
  • The CLT-300 and CLT-600 are cone-bottom tanks (300 and 600 gallons) that can be used as a pre-treatment or post-treatment auxiliary tank.

Optional Filter Pac III
The Filter Pac III module attaches to the CL-603 to create total wash-water recycling systems. Designed for flow rates of up to 30 GPM, the Pac III features carbon, cartridges and media filters for recycle quality wash water.