Why Buy an Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer?

Automatic Aqueous Parts Washers save money! Automatic parts washers are to manufacturing and repair facilities what dishwashers are to commercial and home kitchens. Moreover, automatic parts washers offer an enhanced cleaning performance. With automatic parts washers, cleaning performance is improved through automation of the washing process using high pressure jets to scrub parts with an aqueous detergent solution. Rather than spending hours of time washing by hand, simply place parts inside the parts washer, turn on the machine and walk away. The parts washer does all the work. This leaves you and your employees free to work on other revenue producing jobs.

Labor savings is only one of the many benefits of an aqueous parts washer. Consider also the safety and health of your employees. If you currently use solvents in your cleaning application, your employees’ health might be at risk. A switch to the aqueous based cleaning solutions used with our parts washers will minimize the risks to your employees and save you money on costly worker compensation claims.
Why Buy a Landa Automatic Parts Washer?

Landa’s selection of parts washers includes equipment designed to meet the needs of most cleaning applications. We have compact top load parts washer models and high volume industrial front load parts washer models to match the shape and size of the parts you want to clean. With our patented Scan Wash and water propelled spin bars, Landa parts washers give you multiple angles of impingement to insure every nook and cranny is completely cleaned. All Landa parts washers are certified, manufactured, and tested to meet strict UL standards for safety and all parts washers are built in ISO 9001 certified factories to ensure consistent quality standards are met.
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